Two weeks back in Melbourne city and I finally managed to have my first brunch out and let me tell you, I have fully learnt to appreciate the power of a perfectly poached egg.

I’ve recently decided to try a paleo-based diet (which has been far more challenging than I anticipated!) so my friend Jane (check out her Instagram if you love food and flatlays, which should be everybody so yah) took me to Fourth Chapter in Prahran which has a relatively paleo-friendly menu. Jane ordered the Roasted Pumpkin and I ordered the Smashed Avo on their house-made paleo bread, minus the saganaki and a side of poached eggs. And of course we had to order a side of their sweet potato fries…

And can we talk about the coffee for a second?! Firstly, the service was so quick. Secondly, the barista made a swan with soy milk. I mean, come on, how?

I love the vibes at Fourth Chapter and the staff are so friendly, which personally I find really rare in cafés in the Melbourne area. I will definitely be heading back to try their paleo banana bread and try out a filter roast coffee.


Check out the courtyard at the back for an outdoor eat and don’t forget to grab one of their house made sweets to go (their paleo muffin changed my life). Oh, and don’t forget to go on an empty stomach cause yah, these meals are huge.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 9.10.11 pm

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