Two Be Picked Do Brunch

Wide Open Road  274 Barkly Street Brunswick

As serious hangry people, we are enormous fans of brunch. This series will introduce a few of our trusted brunch spots and give us an excuse to find some new ones #buddhabelly. For our latest venture we asked some serious coffee lovers where their favourite coffee in Melbourne resides and Wide Open Road in Brunswick was high on the list of recommendations.


For a Friday morning it was almost completely full, and our first thought was that we had basically landed in the single most hipster joint in the Melbourne area so I was absolutely shook to the core when I asked for an almond milk latte and SHOCK HORROR………..they don’t serve almond milk. So heads up for our fellow almond milk lovers, this is not the place for you. Brittany ordered herself a soy magic and I ordered a long black.

Although we enjoy our espresso roast, we would definitely recommend ordering yourself either a cold drip or a batch brew filter coffee. Specifically the batch brew, the Kenya Kahuro Peaberry, which was fruity and sweet and delish! I liked it so much I bought a sneaky retail bag to take home ($18.00 for a 200g bag of espresso roast)

I had the zucchini tacos and Britt had the whipped goats feta with smoked salmon. Although we loved the food we definitely were most excited about the batch brew and would probably go back just for that.

Despite having to do a mad dash to the car to stop the parking inspector from giving us a parking fine we had a delicious brunch and were sufficiently caffeinated (priorities). Two happy gals at Two Be Picked!

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 9.10.11 pm

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