Oh hey there! Welcome to TWO BE PICKED! We are Mon and Britt, a couple of gals from Melbourne who have been unlucky enough to be best friends since birth and still can’t get rid of each other.

We are both pretty hefty dreamers, perhaps maybe a little too big and have always tried our hands at things we knew nothing about. Our first being a fashion line made entirely of singlets because that’s all we could draw at ten, named affectionately after our favourite actor Taylor Lautner. We built a few epic cubby houses to watch Gilmore Girls in. Probably our most far-fetched dream was the one where Brittany tried to be a hairdresser and either maimed my hair or just removed it entirely (Disclaimer: read label before use, look for key words: HAIR REMOVAL).

SO, here we are, landing at something that is a little more/a lot more in our area of expertise. I am twenty two and Brittany is twenty one with an insatiable love for all things creative. TWOBEPICKED will be a place where we can justify our #wanderlust addiction, our Melbourne coffee and avo addiction #buddhabelly and our biggest of all #FEELINGSPENDY beauty and fashion addiction.

We are so excited to bring you on our journey through some of our biggest passions; beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel and food.

We can’t wait for what’s to come and we hope you can’t either.

Stay tuned…

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 9.10.11 pm

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